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Top Cars You Should Buy New Instead of Used

A recent 2021 study shows what cars you should buy new from the factory.

You often hear that buying a used car is cheaper, but is it actually the best move? According to this 2021 study, these are the best cars to buy new.

Here at Wheel Wish, we love a good deal. With Wheel Wish allowing our members to name the price they want to pay and Wheel Wish sends that offer price to EVERY dealership in the country, you are often better off buying a new car IF you use Wheel Wish, and that’s where this list will especially come in handy.

According to a recent study, the gap between new and used cars is much smaller than we might imagine. 

New Cars vs Used Cars

On average new cars cost 17% more than a comparable one-year-old lightly-used model. 

“On average” is the key term here, because some models in fact have a much smaller gap. Some as low as 2.1%. 

The used market is still experiencing many of the same effects that brought used car prices so high during the early part of last year. COVID shutdowns, plant shutdowns, and supply chain shortages caused the used market to skyrocket as dealer doors closed and new car sales plummeted. 

We are still seeing many of these same effects, along with new challenges such as shipping lane blockages and chip shortages are keeping used prices higher than historical data recalls. 

What this means is that the price difference between new cars and used cars is smaller than ever before, and what once was a large gap between pricing has quickly dwindled. 

In this recent study, we see what new cars have the smallest gap between new car prices and used car prices. 

What Cars To Buy New

Top 15 Cars to Buy New Over Used
Rank (By Percentage)Model% Price Difference
From New
$ Difference
1Tesla Model 32.10%$923
2Toyota Tacoma4.20%$1,557
3Kia Telluride5.70%$2,456
4Ford Ranger7.10%$2,416
5Jeep Gladiator7.10%$3,373
6Toyota RAV4 Hybrid7.80%$2,808
7GMC Sierra 15008.20%$4,731
8Toyota Tundra8.30%$3,939
9Chevrolet Colorado8.80%$3,051
10Honda Civic (Hatchback)8.90%$2,309
11Hyundai Palisade9.80%$4,488
12Jeep Wrangler9.90%$3,712
13Subaru WRX10.20%$3,506
14Toyota 4Runner10.80%$4,909
15Chevrolet Silverado 150011.20%$5,072
Overall Average17.00%$6,279

As you can see, Tesla is at the top of the list, mainly because the Model 3 received a price reduction for 2020 as well as the fact that used options are limited, driving up prices. 

Coming at a close second we see the Toyota Tacoma. No surprises here. As we discussed in our review, Tacoma’s hold their value better than almost any other car on the market, hence why they ranked so high on our Top 9 Cars That Hold Their Value

After this, we see a surprise. The Kia Telluride is Kia’s new third-row SUV with impeccable styling. To see is on the list with only a 5.7% difference in new to used costs is amazing. Getting into a new Kia with a 10 year/100,000-mile warranty definitely seems like the move in this case.

Best New Cars For The Money

Looking over the list there are quite a few vehicles of interest. Several trucks, a few SUVs, and even some small economical cars.

With all the craziness the past year has caused, there is some good that has come out of it, and for those of you that are in the market for a new car, right now is undoubtedly the right time to buy, ESPECIALLY when you have every dealer competing for your business which is exactly what Wheel Wish does for our customers!

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