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The Hyundai Staria Van Has Major Space Vibes

Headed for production, this cute little minivan seats two, seven, nine or 11 people, but unfortunately for Americans it is not going to be available in the US.

  • Hyundai is very excited for their Staria minivan which will be going into production but will not be available for customers in the United States.
  • The Korean brand configured the seating to have two, seven, nine, or 11, seats while with the nine-seat layout allowing the second-row seats to swivel to face the rear.
  • The Staria is going to be completely revealed late 2021, and we wish it was coming to America.

In terms of design, Hyundai is clearly striving for wacky, futuristic looks. For example, see its new electric car, the Ioniq 5, or the stylish and fascinating Elantra sedan and Tucson crossover. A recent statement by the Korean car manufacturer states that the new Staria minivan, despite all its cuteness and comfort, will be unavailable in the United States. Wheel Wish can confirm that it is indeed going into production.

If you think this new minivan has major spaceship vibes, you’re not wrong. The company says it wanted it to resemble one. The side profile of the van is meant to take inspiration from the halo seen on the earth during sunrise. Its nicest part is the front: its wide light bar stretches across the entire width of the van and the grille has two modern looking round lights with eight cubes on either side. The rear is less wild (though that’s not to say it’s not) with tall, narrow taillights that stretch up near the bottom of the vehicle toward the roof.

Several seating configurations are available, some of which can accommodate up to eleven passengers. A two-seater model comes with the most cargo room, which is likely to be used in a cargo van, while a seven-seater model comes with a mode that reclines the second rows of seats to a setting tailored to the occupant’s weight. On the nine-seat Starias, the second row seats swivel to face the people in the third row.

The dashboard is topped with a digital gauge cluster that shoots up from within in addition to a 10.3-inch touchscreen. Inside the van, there are up to 64 different color options for the ambient lighting. To park, drive, or reverse the van, the designated buttons used are similar to those seen on the Honda Odyssey.

Hyundai will announce full details of the new Staria minivan, including its powertrains, later this year, though it told Wheel Wish that it will not be introduced in the United States. On the positive side,  we do get the new Kia Carnival, and we won’t complain because it is quite an exceptionally attractive minivan.

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