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How It Works

Voted #1 Automotive Marketplace in 2020!!

4 EASY steps to getting your next new vehicle at the price YOU want to pay and delivered to your home or office. 

No fees, EVER!

Step 1: Sign up

Our fast and FREE membership gets you on your way to buying or leasing your next new vehicle completely online and in the comfort of your home or office. WheelWish does not charge our customers any fees because we are in the business of saving you money and providing you with the best customer service you have ever received with a new vehicle purchase.  Once again, WheelWish is completely FREE for the customer to use!  No hidden fees, ever!

Step 2: Choose Vehicle

With your FREE WheelWish membership, you choose your exact make,  model, trim line, color, as well as any optional packages you want and WheelWish delivers to you exactly what you’re looking for.  Simply purchase your vehicle online with us just like you would in person at a dealership and we save you the stress, games, and wasted time that comes from that old outdated and dreaded practice of visiting a dealership.

Step 3: Submit Price

Buying your next vehicle with WheelWish means YOU set the price you want to pay.  No longer will a dealership set the price and then challenge you to go through the games and pain of trying to obtain a discount from seasoned negotiators who prey on those with little to no negotiating experience.  Instead, cast a bigger net by setting the price YOU want to pay and WheelWish sends your offer price to EVERY dealership in the country!!

Step 4: Arrange Delivery

Schedule delivery of your new vehicle to arrive at your home or office in as little as 72 hours!  And rest assured, EVERY WheelWish customer drives away with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  That means for whatever reason you may have, at any point in the purchase process, WheelWish is here to make sure you get EXACTLY what you’re looking for at EXACTLY the price you want to pay!

Cast A Bigger Net! Save Money, Time, & Stress!!

What Makes WheelWish Unique?

We set out to change the automotive marketplace forever!

Reverse The Purchase Leverage

Sign up for a free membership.  Choose the EXACT vehicle you’re looking for, set the price YOU want to pay, and then the magic of WheelWish begins!  Skip the negative dealership experience and instead WheelWish sends your offer price to EVERY dealership in the COUNTRY that sells the brand of vehicle you’re looking for! 

So forget about trying to get the best price from the 2 or 3 local dealerships in your area, WheelWish sends your offer price to 400-500 dealerships nation-wide and they compete for your deal!  This is how WheelWish reverses the leverage in the BUYER’S favor for the first time EVER in automotive marketplace history. 

All of this and more is why WheelWish was voted #1 Automotive Marketplace Platform in 2020 by the prestigious Corporate Vision.

Enjoy the ride with Wheel Wish!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

WheelWish has your new vehicle delivered to your home or office soon after we’ve matched you with a dealer. During this time, our WheelWish team will go over everything about your new vehicle including any and all questions you may have.  Right up through to the end of the vehicle delivery process, WheelWish team members are here for you with customer support second to none.   

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means you can rest assured WheelWish gives you what you want, every time. We can guarantee we will save you money, save you time, and make your car buying process the best it’s ever been.

Please feel free to tell all of your family and friends about us. When one of your referrals becomes another happy WheelWish customer, we’ll send you a check for $300. 

We love our customers and they love us.

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Choose Your Vehicle And Your Price

When you’re ready to finalize your purchase you simply upload a copy of your driver’s license. We’ll go ahead and secure the car and send you a final deal sheet to approve. Review and accept it and you’re ready to schedule delivery. You can be driving your new car in as little as 72 hours!


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