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Frequently Asked Questions

WheelWish is a completely new way to buy your next new vehicle. Our purchase process is nothing like the old, outdated, and unpleasant approach. Just like shopping online for a laptop or your next favorite pair of shoes, WheelWish offers a car buying experience for today’s world; completely online, and done from the comfort of your home or office.  You set the price you want to pay, shop on your schedule instead of having to succumb to dealership hours, with delivery arranged directly to your door.

With a FREE WheelWish membership, you can tell us exactly what vehicle you desire, with all the options and packages that suit you, SET THE PRICE YOU WANT TO PAY, and WheelWish sends your offer price to EVERY dealership in the country finding you a dealer who is happy to do the deal at the price you offered. No more driving to multiple dealerships trying to find the car you want and at the lowest price. Simply let us do the work for you. We save you money, time, stress, and make NEW car shopping what it should be; fun and exciting.

That’s an easy one, because you save money by setting the price you want to pay for your new car. You save time by no longer having to travel to the dealership, or worse, multiple dealerships to get a great price. No longer do you have to take the vehicle that is in stock but instead get the model, trim package, and color you actually want.  Delivery is FREE and brought to your home or office on your schedule. Don’t ever pay more than should again because at WheelWish YOU set the price. Every dealership in the country competes for your business not the other way around. Leave the frustration of buying a new vehicle in the past and save yourself time by doing everything in the comfort of your home or office. Simply put, WheelWish is an automotive marketplace where we match you with the seller who wants to do business with you on YOUR terms.  And best of all, WheelWish reverses the leverage in favor of the buyer, FINALLY.  Instead of being limited to dealing with 1-3 dealers and accepting the best price of those 1-3 dealers, Wheel Wish puts all 17,500 new car dealers (that exist in the United States) in the room with you and they compete for YOUR business! 

Register for a FREE WheelWish membership.  Then click on the ‘SHOP NOW’ button and let WheelWish take you through the easy and fun process of choosing the type of vehicle you are looking for along with all of your desired features.  WheelWish will then give you the opportunity to trade in your existing vehicle, and once we have collected all the necessary details you will be directed to make your $50 deposit in order to make it official!

Wheel Wish is able to sell vehicles at a deep discount because we don’t have the added expenses of expensive to maintain car lots, bloated inventories, or the enormous overhead that accompanies physical dealerships. All of this are relics of a bygone era.  The good news is that despite the huge discounts we are able to offer our customers that come along side the extensive selection of inventory we offer (ANY and EVERY new vehicle made), the vehicles sold through WheelWish are the exact vehicles located at a dealership. If you do require a test drive, then you are free to do so at your local dealer.  Remember, you are not obligated to buy anything from your local dealer.  EVEN if you speak or negotiate on price with a down payment to back your offer.  In fact, the best move for YOU (as opposed to the dealership) is to then proceed home, tell WheelWish what new vehicle you’re looking for, set the price you want to pay, and let WheelWish send your order and offer price to all of the dealerships who sell that brand of vehicle.  WheelWish is here to make sure all 500 – 600 dealerships in the United States or Canada that are of the same brand you’re looking for compete for your business as we reverse the purchase leverage in your favor!  When dealerships compete, you win!  Lastly, we can certainly set up a deal contingent on your satisfaction of the test drive!!  There is NO problem doing that at all for you!  Choose your EXACT new vehicle, set the price YOU want to pay, back your offer with a small desposit through WheelWish that has a 100% money back guarantee whether you do a deal with us or not, and we provide a purchase agreement for you that has everything in it but is only enforceable based on if you are satisfied with the test drive after we bring the vehicle to your home!  Zero risk to you and VIP service for you! See, using WheelWish is a no lose situation!

Once you place your deposit backed offer, WheelWish will receive your order and go to work immediately finding your exact vehicle at the offer price you want to pay.  That means, we’ll take a look at the details of the deal including the vehicle you’re looking for, the options you chose, the price you’re looking to pay, the timeframe you have given us fill your order, and all other pertinent information.  Once we have processed your order, in the time frame you allotted us, we will send you the order details and remaining documents to sign.  We will then request a delivery date from you. On the day you take possession of your new vehicle, there may or may not be a need for you to sign a few documents based on your state or provincial laws. This process shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes. We leave you with more money in your pocket, time saved, and a pleasant buying experience.

You save money for three reasons …

1) You set the price. No longer does the seller set the price and control the process with the buyer going head to head with the dealership’s professional negotiator in an exhausting attempt at trying to get some sort of small discount.  

2) Instead of shopping at one, two, three, or however many dealerships you have the time, patience, and sanity to visit, WheelWish uses our nation-wide relationship network to get you the price you want to pay without having to speak to a salesperson, play the silly car salesman games, and in the end not getting the price you actually wanted to pay.   We do this by sending your offer to EVERY dealership in the nation.  The first dealer to accept your offer locks in the deal and we have two parties who happily come together for a win-win transaction.

3) We save you the cost of driving to one or more dealers. This cost includes gas (which adds up quickly if you want to save some real money by visiting more than one dealer in order to get the lowest price possible).  We also save you the possible expense of having to take any time off income producing work given even one dealership visit is easily a multi-hour affair.

Every purchase made with WheelWish are for new vehicles, carry the manufacturer’s warranty, and qualify for any and all rebates and incentives offered by the manufacturer. The final purchase agreement is exactly the same as the purchase agreements you have always signed in the past when purchasing a new vehicle. They are legal documents designed to protect you and outline exactly what you are paying, with a full detailed breakdown of the vehicle and options you are receiving.

Lastly, we pass on our WheelWish discounts we get by being a mass purchaser.  You do enough business that we get SPECIAL pricing discounts not aviable to anyone except bulk buying businesses such as rental car agencies.

Save, save, save, and save.  Put another way, you get not only the price YOU want to pay, you get the best POSSIBLE price available for several reasons!

Yes. We always match but usually beat advertised financing and lease specials for any given make/model. Advertised financing and lease specials are often misleading and at times confusing to buyers. We can walk you through the numbers and help you make a good decision on finding the properly equipped vehicle for your needs, along with a financing or lease program most advantageous to you. For many people leasing makes great sense. For others financing is a better choice. WheelWish customer service representatives spend as much time with you as you need to make the best choice for you.  Please utilize our tool free number to speak to one of our customer service representatives in order to answer any and all questions and concerns you may have.  We are here for YOU, our WheelWish members, NOT for the dealerships!!

Our team will help you get the best price possible for your trade-in. Complete our short questionnaire about your trade-in and we’ll make it painless and profitable for you to make that trade-in happen. Along with getting you the best price for your new car, WheelWish will typically get you a much better price than you would get from a dealer who often lowballs customers in the hopes that the customer does not know the true value of their existing vehicle.  And remember, you save the taxes on your new vehicle with the money you get for your trade-in.  WheelWish also handles all of the DMV or Ministry of Transportation paperwork so you don’t have to worry about anything. It’s that simple. We do all the heavy lifting.

Sorry. Our service is for new vehicle purchases.  With new vehicles we are easily able to guarantee the product quality. We can deliver to you your next new vehicle knowing that you are getting a ‘straight from the manufacturer’ new vehicle. With used cars and trucks, mileage and especially condition of high repair cost parts like the engine and transmission are extremely important factors that are highly unpredictable both now and in the near term.  There is no possible way to ensure that a used transmission or engine will not break down at any time after your purchase.  WheelWish is straight forward and no risk because we only deal in brand new vehicles that are 100% backed by not just WheelWish but also the manufacturer.

Simply put, because with WheelWish you ‘Cast A Bigger Net'(TM) instead of merely visiting one, two, or three local dealers.  You set the price instead of the seller doing so.  We send your offer to EVERY DEALER IN THE COUNTRY!  That means the control and leverage lay with the buyer instead of the seller.  By sending your offer to EVERY DEALER IN THE COUNTRY WheelWish flips the purchase leverage in favor of the buyer, where it always should be! Why settle for the best price you can get from only the dealers you choose to visit when instead you will have EVERY DEALER IN THE COUNTRY competing for your business!  When dealerships compete for your business, YOU WIN!

Nothing. Zero. Zilch. WheelWish is a FREE membership.  WheelWish does not charge a service or deal completion fee to our members.  That’s why WheelWish was awarded the “#1 Automotive Marketplace in 2020” by the prestigious ‘CORPORATE VISION’ business insider because we have completely upended and disrupted the stale and expired purchasing model the buyer previously had no choice to avoid participating in.

$50.  We offer a 100% money back guarantee for your deposit if for any reason you end up deciding not to acquire your new vehicle through WheelWish.  No questions asked.  Frankly, we ask for a $50 deposit so as to make sure our customers are indeed ready to make a purchase and save money and time with WheelWish.  Your $50 deposit gets returned to you no matter if you do a deal with us or if don’t.  It is merely there to show all parties you are ready to do a deal today.

Any major credit card supported by the Stripe gateway in the United States and Canada.

Once all parties have accepted the offer and completed the purchase agreement, we can have your new vehicle sitting in your driveway in as little as 72 hours.

In literally 99.9% of all cases there is NO delivery fee.

At a specific time during the purchase process, you will be asked to provide the name of your bank or credit union, the amount of your loan, and your loan officer’s name and contact information (if applicable).  We will arrange everything with the bank or credit union of your choice.

WheelWish also can provide in-house financing even for folks with no or low credit ratings.

Once you complete the purchase process and schedule delivery, our underwriting team will provide you the necessary documents to forward to your bank or loan officer to finalize your loan.

WheelWish works with all types of credit history including no credit history or a low credit score.  

After completing a financing application, WheelWish will send you your personalized financing terms. This will show you the monthly payment, and all other details. These terms are valid for 45 days. WheelWish also works with all third-party lenders to ensure we get you financing and on the best possible terms.

Your financing terms are based on your credit history, yearly income, and the price of the vehicle you are purchasing. WheelWish works with every manufacturer, bank and credit union among other parties to get you the best finance terms you can possibly get. We guarantee it.

You are absolutely able to pay more than your required monthly payment. All financing loans are open loans.  There is no penalty for paying off the loan early.  In fact, doing so will save you interest charges.

Yes, of course. You can also trade-in your current vehicle to help lower your monthly payments and overall cost of your new vehicle.

The down payment is due on the day you schedule delivery of your new vehicle.

Your first monthly payment is due 30 days after you receive your vehicle.  

We want to make your buying experience as seamless as possible. Much like very few of us enjoy going to a dealership, we know you don’t like standing in line at the DMV or Ministry of Transportation to get your registration completed either. With WheelWish, we are able to complete the registration process for you. We handle the necessary title and registration paperwork for you.  We’re here for you in more ways than one.

WheelWish guarantees your satisfaction because if, at any time, you wish to cancel your offer before you have signed your purchase agreement, we will always refund your deposit (minus any Stripe transaction fee).  WheelWish also guarantees your 100% satisfaction when it comes to getting exactly the vehicle you want with all the options you are looking for.

In addition to WheelWish’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, for all deposits paid using Stripe, your deposit is covered by WheelWish AND Stripe giving you a double deposit guarantee!

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