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BMW Remains Committed To Internal Combustion Engines, Unlike Audi

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This week, Audi announced that it would stop producing gasoline-powered engines into the future. BMW is not taking this route.

In an interview with Automobilwoche, Audi CEO Marcus Duesman said Audi will stop developing a significant quantity of internal combustion engines.  No plans have been made to develop new internal-combustion engines at this time, though the company will continue to update its current portfolio in order to meet tightening emission rules.  Other companies have also announced their intention of switching to an all-electric future, but BMW is not on that list.

CNBC’s Phil LeBeau reports that BMW is expected to keep internal combustion engines in production for quite a while.  He quoted BMW’s CEO, Oliver Zipseā€™s tweet when Zipse predicted the internal combustion engine would remain in high demand for years to come.

Despite this, BMW is also pursuing electrification.  A few days ago the company introduced its 530-hp i4 electric sedan. Even so, the company does not see a full EV takeover imminently, suggesting that it does not see a full EV takeover in the near term.  The current lineup of the company’s cars primarily consists of plug-in hybrids rather than all-electric vehicles, but most of its sales are still conventional internal combustion cars.

Inline-sixes, powerful V-8s, and even an old V12 power the flagship products of the company’s internal combustion division, but hybrid technology is also making its way into the internal combustion cars.  Although all internal combustion BMWs are going to come to an end eventually, this news suggests at least one more generation of internal combustion BMWs are in the works.

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