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Getting your next NEW vehicle should be an exciting and satisfying experience. This approach to finding you the perfect vehicle fit at the price you want to pay is what inspires us everyday and is why Corporate Vision has voted Wheel Wish the #1 Automotive Marketplace Platform in 2020 For North America!!

The Future is NOW ...

The Evolution of the Automotive Purchase

The industry tried twice before a customer stepped in to fix things.


The early purchase experience was one where the manufacturer gave the buyer very few options as to what was offered. The price was fixed with NO flexibility. The consumer was told what they wanted and what they would pay. The entire buying experience was controlled by the manufacturer with no concern for the customer’s wants and needs.


A very small amount of evolution occurs but only with a shift in power from the manufacturer to the dealership concept. Regardless, the consumer still sits at the bottom of the power dynamic and has to take what the dealer has in stock. Good luck trying to get the lowest price you could have paid if only you were an expert negotiator or knew all the ‘tricks of the car trade’.


By signing up for a FREE membership with WheelWish, for the first time the buyer has the leverage and is firmly in control of the purchase experience. You set the price you want to pay for the vehicle you desire and have the dealerships compete for your business. That means you save money, time, and stress.

WheelWish brings in a new era by empowering the buyer and reversing the ‘supply vs. demand’ leverage dealerships have always had over buyers.

Ms. Hopkins brings 25 years of automotive industry experience to Wheel Wish. She has served in several roles within a dealership and believes Wheel Wish is the better way to purchase a new vehicle in 2021 and beyond. We are extremely proud to have her on our all-star team. Ms. Hopkins holds an MBA from the University of Miami as well as graduating with honors in commerce from Florida State University. Ms. Hopkins has always had a passion for classic luxury vehicles.

Sandra Hopkins


Mr. Borovec has several years of experience in the automotive industry on the sales side. Mr Borovec has been both a seller of new vehicles and a buyer and therefore understands in what direction the industry MUST evolve. Mr. Borovec also has over 17 years experience in finance, public and private sector fund raising, public relations, and communications work as Vice President and Director of several publicly listed companies. Mr. Borovec has a degree in Business Management from Humber College in Toronto Canada as well as second degree in International Politics from York University in Toronto Canada.

Michael Borovec

Founder & CEO

Lauren Fix is Chief Executive Officer of Automotive Aspects and Board Director/member with over four decades of experience driving sustainable growth, media exposure and brand recognition in the manufacturing, energy, media, entertainment and automotive industries. A serial entrepreneur and start-up innovator, Lauren spent four decades spearheading multi-million dollar, international businesses. She holds a bachelors of science degree with a focus on economics, business and marketing from the University of Buffalo. Lauren Fix has a passion for automobiles, her personal collection of 24 performance, collectable and exotic cars. A true automotive industry fanatic indeed.

Lauren Fix


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